808 laser hair removal machine rapid teaching

After buying 808 laser depilate machine, how to use quickly?Today small series to give you a detailed introduction of 808 laser hair removal machine use steps.

808 laser hair removal machine Using method

First, the first step is to install the bracket for placing the handle.

The jack on the back of the machine is the mounting handle jack. There is a button on the top and the bottom of the machine. After pressing the button, the handle can be inserted or pulled out.

Machines method of injection water: the second step has three mouth, the lower left side are the inlet, weir, waterproof, open water injection screw, and weir on inlet screw water tool, injection of pure water, water will come out until the weir stop after adding water, remove water tools on the screws, and water.It is unnecessary to screw on the overflow port, and the water should be changed every 20-30 days.

Water change process: unscrew the outlet screw, and then screw the screw after the water flow is finished, add pure water from the inlet until there is water flow out of the overflow port.

808 laser hair removal machine Using method

The third step is to insert the power cord into the power socket. Before starting up, open the red button on the side of the power socket, insert the key into the keyhole, turn it on and start up.There are three modes displayed on the display screen, namely HR, SR and Setting. HR: for hair removal, SR: for skin tenderness.

Enter the HR function: you can choose the part of hair removal, skin selection: you can choose according to the customer's skin color.Sex selection: female or male.

Select female interface, Freq(HZ): frequency, usually 6-8, small area down to about 2 slowly slide operation.Pulse: Pulse starts at 19 and works on the skin to give the customer a warm feeling. If you don't feel it, you can turn it up.Refrigeration tip: it is necessary to turn on the refrigeration. If the probe cannot be cooled by turning off, press the button after it is cooled.Waiting to handle in the process of cooling gel can be evenly daub on the skin, a thin layer of can, do not need to apply too much, holding press the joystick buttons, even a little bit of sliding, sliding around time, generally need to repeat a part 8 to 15 times, after the completion of the operation, click the stop button to exit the screen.

808 laser hair removal machine Using method

808 laser hair removal machine Using method

The male interface is the same as the female interface.Select the body part and skin color, click the male picture to enter the interface. After entering the interface, adjust the speed, energy and turn on the cooling device to conduct hair removal.

Click into SR: skin softening function to select regional skin tone, with the frequency starting from 6 and energy starting from the lowest around 19. Then, it is started by cooling and coated with gel and operated bit by bit.After the operation is completed, click the stop button, exit and shut down.

Above is 808 laser hair removal machine fast use method, believe so convenient and quick hair removal machine to bring a very good effect.


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