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Using ionosmiter current two-pole mutual absorption helps to pick out the dirt embedded  pigment or metal-ion kept in the consmetics, and introduce skin necessary nourishment or curing medicine into the skin.

Its main function are as follows:

Iontophoresis: Introduce water soluble products into the skin.

Phoresis: Force phoresis-chemical souble products into the skin.

Cataphoresis: Use the positive pole to introduce an acid PH products such as an astringent solution into the skin.

Anaphoresis: Use the negative pole to force an alkaline PH products such as disincrustation lotion into the skin.


Face and Body Ultrasonic Beauty Massager with the principle of ultrasonic wave and the mechanical vibration generated by high frequencycurrent, can penetrate deep surrounding tissue beneath skin, target "impossible to diet away" fat found on the hips, thighs, calf, arm, and stomach, remove stubborn fat efficiently, iron wrinkles, promote metabolism, and excrete skin waste --making you more attractive and have younger appearance.

Its main function are as follows:

Soften thrombus and remove red eruption; Rectifying distorted capillary by using supersonic pulse signal together with some suitable ointment, thus to remove red eruption.

Remove scar or scab: Supersonic not only decomposed dry blood of the skin, but also improves the metabolism and blood circulation, thus to remove the marks and scar. It is better to use supersonic together with some suitable ointment, normally 10 times as a period treatment and every two days one time.

Eliminate abnormal skin pigment: Using supersonic together with some Chinese traditional medicine facial cream,speck cream or high unit vitamin C, could do beneficiary effect to remove pigment. It does effect by 3 times treatment and thoroughly eliminate by 10 to 40 times treatment.

Eliminate hypodermic speck and pigment: Using supersonic to damage the cell membrane of the speck and protect it forming shape, thus to eliminate pigment and remove the speck thoroughly together with metabolism function. 10 times as a period treatment and take a break for one week before another treatment.

Remove slight wrinkles and gore as well as lifting skin: By using the mechanism massage function of supersonic, one side it regulates the changing of the membrane of the hypodermic cell, on the other hand it improves blood circulation and metabolism. Thus to remove slight wrinkles as well as gore or scar which caused by hard substance.

3.Skin scrubber

The use of ultrasonic principle design, deep clean up the skin for exfoliating cuticle, clear pores in cosmetics residues and excess sebum, for essence import absorption.

The product is a high-frequency vibration for deep massage of the skin, while promoting fat movement of microcirculation, fat cells burning, cracking into metabolites excreted, so as to achieve the cleaning effect. Use a special shovel probes, can effectively into the dermis under the skin, through sonic vibrations make special beauty liquid thinner, spray, these dirt and excess sebum to be emulsified, so clogged in the pores cosmetics residue of sweat emulsification , and with the elimination of splashes out this cleaning effect is more rapid and more effective. Removal of waste, the stratum corneum, fat particles, acne, etc., so that the skin to better absorb. Reach deep clean, healthy whitening effect.

4.Hot cold hammer

-Hot surface temperature is up to 42°C

  • Cold surface temperature of the device can be down to 0°C

  • Make face skin tight, smooth and delicated

  • Enhance to help blood circulation, metabolism and relaxation

  • Strengthens collagen; enhances elasticity

8 in 1 black multi-functional beauty equipment with ultrasonic, galvanic, scrubber, BIO, cold hammer, oxygen sprayer

The Almighty oxygen jet ionizes the gas of the air and creates the oxygen of 98% purity under the high pressure separation method. Together with the special design nozzle, lance boom and facial mask, the jet injects, spays and inhales the oxygen directly to the wrinkle and dry skin, which makes the skin absorbs the oxygen quickly, adds the activity of the human cells and accelerates its metabolism. So that it can reach an unbelievable treatment effect. Meanwhile, it also can use the suction of the sucking pen to cleanse the lymph, use the Bio biology current to pull skin.

Suitable Crowd

Biochemical oxygen injection nursing is specially suitable for the smoking women in the city and those adult women who has the skin of gloom, sensitive, wrinkles, fleck and whelk, which can increase the cell activity, improve the blood circulation, accelerate the metabolism and meliorate the sensitive skin. You will feel that the skin is extremely relax and healthy after the oxygen injection, which meanwhile can whiten the skin.


1,Moisturizing management.

2,Regeneration management.

3,Wrinkle management.

4,Whitening management.

5,Acne management.

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