EMS Nano Needle Microneedle RF Machine

Working Theory

EMS Nano injection mesotherapy gun adopts advanced processing technology to make an innovation on the injector. Different from mesotherapy guns that use needles, we use a microchip with multiple pins to deliver nutrition and essentials, which can be reached to subcutaneous layer under high pressures from the pistol.

Use the wispy needle of the micro crystal head to penetrate into the cuticle of skin, opening the pore of the epidermal layer of skin, injecting the active ingredient of nutrition. Therefore, it can repair aging skin and reborn collagen, remove wrinkles and spots, improve skin complexion and lift face.

This technology with RF radio frequency + EMS for skin lifting

RF mesogun uses the Israeli 4Mhz dual-core RF module technology. the microstalline probe and the machine body can seperate into 2 parts and definitely insulated.

Combing the two side RF module of the probe,it can consistently maintain RF out put of biopolar module.Combining the meso products and the hollow needle operating at the same time when the microstalline touch the skin, the RF intensity can produce 40-60℃ on skin surface surface and the temperature can be adjusted ,result in to the opening up of the skin pores quickily and the nutrients quickly penerate into the skin cell, makes the skin tighten in high temperature condition.


1. Nanoscale needles can make anti aging products go into the deep skin without damaging skin, no side effect, safe to use.

2. Deep replenishment and rich nourishment, strengthen skin to absorb beauty product.

3. High pressure double crank to control the die opening and closing.

4. Helps to reduce blemishes, wrinkles and marks.

5. Nanoscale needles increase collagen levels to create new and young skin, so realize skin rejuvenation.

6. Nano chipset for injection is suitable for skin and 100%safe which has no side effect after the operation.

7. Strong driving force engines, low fuel consumption, high economic benefits.

8. Rolling wheel in front of the injector ensure a smooth rolling on the skin while operating.

9. Vanadium Titanium metal used, completely close to the skin, without any side effects, no metal residues.


1. Facial lift: skin rejuvenation, fat removal

2. Eyes beauty: eyes pouch removal, eyes dark circle removal, wrinkle around eyes removal

3. Stimulate the formation of blood vessels, blood circulation to help to take sugar, fat, protein metabolism wastes

4. Whitening and anti-wrinkles

5. Take away the molecular structure of cells; skin completely open power operation in the skin surface infiltration head with a method of grain is slightly along the skin and smooth movement of extrusion.

6. Clean the skin,daub hydrating moist products

7. Cool frozen, effect on skin, lock moisture and nutrients.


1.Easy to install machine, that the customer easy to use it. Install bottle directly, not need to put the needle.

2.Handle internal use south korea jmports silica gel tube, nanometer coating, easy to clean.

3.Easy celaning the handle. The instrument can be cleaned automatically after operation. more interllingent.

4.Adopt peristaltic pump design, liquid does not contact pump, avoid secondary polution

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