Korea RF mesotherapy gun device

Working Principle:

Needle free mesotherapy gun (mesogun) adopts advanced processing technology to make an innovation on the injector.

Different from mesotherapy guns that use needles, we use a microchip with multiple pins to deliver nutrition and essentials, which can be reached to subcutaneous layer under high pressures from the pistol.

 Micro micropower RF gun is imported 4 M focus RF technology, RF energy output made of insulating silicone material, hollow microcrystalline microcrystals is RF fully insulated, RF energy across the silicon crystal, combined with hollow ceramics simultaneously, it can inject enough nutrients to the skin. The RF temperature can be controlled and regulated randomly from 40 ℃ -65 ℃ , more accurate for skin tissue heating, prompting subcutaneous collagen contraction tension, medically known as radio frequency thermocagulation therapy.

Needle free injection treatment

Use the wispy needle of the micro crystal head to penetrate into the cuticle of skin, opening the pore of the epidermal layer of skin, injecting the active ingredient of nutrition. The biggest feature is the dermis is heated and the skin surface maintain the normal temperature, it has two effects: the first is the dermis layer of the skin becomes thicker, wrinkles became shallow or disappeared; the second is remodeling subcutaneous collagen, produce new collagen, the skin after treatment more tight.

Therefore, it can repair aging skin and reborn collagen, remove wrinkles and spots, improve skin complexion and lift face.

Product feature:

1. Moisturizing the skin supple and shiny, strong permeability.

2. Whitening to improve the dark, melanin and pigmentation.

3. The skin smooth and bright, tender and moist.

4  Solid to stimulate the growth of their own collagen, to regain its elasticity.

5. Deep cleaning and shrink pores.


 1. Face Lifting.Professional mesogun

2. Whitening Moisturizing.Professional mesogun

3. Skin Rejuveration.Professional mesogun

4. Vacuum Injection.Professional mesogun

5. Highly improve the forehead, temple, nose, eyes, mouth weeks light aging.

6. Prominent cheekbones relieved.Professional mesogun

7. Plump cheeks.Professional mesogun

8. Abundant lip.Professional mesogun

9. Improve acne pit (atrophic scar).Professional mesogun

10. Improve rough pore and neck lines, etc.

Advantage of mesotherapy gun:

1.4 MB focus RF technology imported from Korea

2.3 different microcrystal treatment needles offer 3 different experience

3.One treatment equals 8000 times skin care

4.Portable and smart design, easy to carry to anywhere.

5.Constant power-supply support working continuously

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