2020 Best Effective 2 in 1 Hair Removal Machine

Working principle

360 magneto-optic hair removal freckle removal system can be divided into two parts,one part is for IPL intense pulse light, and second part is the powerful magnetic energy.This is the unique technology which can perfect used in Aesthetic Medicine. It break a medical problem, magnetic energy have a strong penetration ability, it can active and peel melanin cells which adsorbed on the cell wall in the dermis, and peeled melanin were extracted to the skin surface, IPL absorb the melanin, blasting instantly. The others melanin are expel from the body by the lymphatic microcirculation metabolism. So, this technology can combine magneto energy with IPL intense pulse light , this is the perfect solution for facial pigmentation.


1.Multi-purpose ,functional complementary,widely application,marvelous treatment effect.

2.8,0 inch big Color Touch LCD screen,humanized menu, easy operation.

3.The shell is made of the ABS environmental material and beautiful design.

4.The cooling temperature -3~2℃,treatment more comfortable and safe.

5. Water level, water flow and water automatic detection greatly increasing machine's life.

6. Long continuous work time, stable function, shot period of treatment.

7. 6 Multilingual languages. ,anywhere in the world can be easily grasped.

8. With two operation molde ,easy mode for new user ,professional mode.


1.Free operation, non- anaesthetic.

2.No ruggedness.

3.No bleeding, tumidness and bruise.

4.No side effects, good effects, no rebounding phenomenon.

5.Woundless, will not influence the nomal working and living.

Treatment range: OPT & SHR

1. Permanent hair removal.

2. Pigmentations treatment (Spots removal,smallpox removal,freckle removal).

3. Skin rejuvenation (Tighten skin,fine wrinkles removal,whiten skin).

4. Acne Treatment.

5. Vascular Therapy.


1.Hair Removal: permanent hair removal, throughout the body indecent hair (growthperiod of hair ), including the lighter fine hair.

2.Freckle: get rid of freckles, sun spots, age spots, acne India, facial blemishes.

3.Rejuvenation: improve large pores, rough skin, fine wrinkles, restore skin elasticity.

4.Treat blood capillary expansion: redness, facial flushing.

5.Improve dull complexion, white skin, uniform color.

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