360 Magneto-optic system OPT Double Handles Hair Removal Machine

Working Theory :

Traditional optical instruments freckle is a principle, called the principle of light pyrolysis. 360 Magneto-optic system freckle principle is divided into two parts, one is IPL pulsed light pyrolysis principle, the second is a strong magnetic energy, which is the only beauty industry to a magnetic energy perfect for medical beauty. It broke through a medical problem, the ability of magnetic energy to penetrate the skin is very strong, can deepen the skin adsorption on the cell wall melanocytes activated stripping, stripped melanocytes are extracted to the skin surface by IPL strong pulse light moment Gasification blasting, metabolism through the body surface skin, another part of the blasting of small molecules of melanocytes through lymphatic microcirculation metabolism in vitro.

So that 360 Magneto-optic system system is the world's only one of the magnetic energy and IPL strong pulse light double synergistic effect of the most perfect high-end equipment, is currently the most perfect facial pigment solution.

360 Magneto-optic system using the core patent "magnetic energy optical technology principle" can be effective in the melanoma cells, to resolve the formation of melanin, spread, can completely activate the stripping of melanocytes. For the basal layer and the upper layer of the skin melanin calm there is a significant clear reduction and improvement.

1.dilute the stain to reproduce the luster

Melanin activity has been effectively inhibited, the number of reduction, stains began to play down; skin background gradually, gloss increased, there is a certain degree of sophistication.

2. Stains significantly reduce the skin color gradually clear through the white

Melanin was free from the surface of the skin, stains were eliminated, dull skin to be fully improved, the skin was brightened, gradually clear through the white.

Why choose 360 Magneto-optic system?


360 magneto-optical skin system, access to the world's highest certification standards for the instrument industry, the US FDA certification, the EU's CE certification, the world's millions of clinical cases!


360 magneto-optical skin system and the world's largest and most advanced US scientists share a technology platform, the world's leading technology!


360 magneto-optical skin system is the world's most comprehensive solution to the human face color, the most systematic high-end equipment! Can be a comprehensive solution to any pigment problem, the effect of lasting!


360 magneto-optical skin system can be used to describe the effect of magic. And the effect is lasting. Millions of customers can be our witnesses.


1.Painless hair removal:

Hair removal is a new long-acting hair technology to remove the original hair, new hair growth even warm, thinning, become light until it does not grow anymore.

2.removing various color spots

Improve the freckle class. Black spot, chloasma and H sunburn spots, the annual spot and so on squeeze the page collapse has the obvious effect.

3.Remove acne

Completely solve the varicella print that cannot be done for more than ten years, and can be recovered with laser only a few times

4.Whitening and tender skin

has excellent effect on melanin, dark, rough skin and according to the clinical findings that the experienced part has become smooth and tender.

5.Shrink pores

Thick aging pores, through the course of treatment, you can see the obvious effect at one time

6.Wash tattooed eyebrows

Effectively wash off eyebrows, eyeliner, body parts of a large area of tattoos. Safe and efficient, no side effects


1.360 magneto-optic hair removal handle

Using the Core Patent "principle of Magnetic Energy Optics Technology" Can effectively act on the melanocytes and remove the melanin. The diffusion is generated. can activate and release the cell melanin with the bottom has the advantages of safe and reliable removal of various defects of the face and various human bodies Excess hair in the part. Do not need to disassemble and assemble the dialing piece, send it effectively Count to 400000

2.Nd YAG handle

Using laser principle and wavelength 1064nm/765nm/532nm More equipped with black face baby hair, set to wash tattoos and wash eyebrows, eyeliner, freckle. The black-faced doll skin-beautifying technology, which is used for removing the nevus and the whole world, it is integrated in one machine,The function is comprehensive.

3.RF handle

It uses the electric wave energy to improve the temperature of the dermis layer, to stimulate the contraction of the dermis layer, to take the action of the skin and to promote the generation of the collagen, promote the blood circulation, and can promote the curative effect of the collagen repair treatment. The skin is produced with new collagen, and the skin temperature of the deep skin is generated by the radio-wave pulling skin, so that the blood circulation is promoted, and the curative effect of the collagen repair treatment can be promoted.

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