Hot sale removal mole removal plasma pen

What is plasma beauty pen?

Maglev plasma pen is similar to carbon dioxide (CO2) laser beauty machine, it uses new generation of plasma micro district discharge technology with low temperature and high frequency , which is efficient capacity conversion material and chip control  . when the needle touch the freckle skin,it produce plasma with high temperature as 2000 ℃ immediately,  and carbonize the spot freckle , then remove it.

When the needle touch the freckle spot,it will produce a small flame,which is different from common flame.The micro vascular will be solidified quickly without bleeding during the treatment.Then it will form carbon scabs ,protect wound skin from infection. After about 1 week, will shed without scar.

What does plasma pen can do for you?

Skin beauty: verruca vulgaris, senile warts, flat wart, contagious soft wart, verrucous nevus, and sebaceous nevus, granuloma, millet papules, eyelid xanthoma, leather fat, all kinds of pigmented nevus, corns and calluses, freckles, etc.

How to use the maglev plasma pen?

1. Clean face,apply the anesthesia

2. Sterilize face

3. Needle disinfect ( needle immerse in disinfectant for 5-10 minutes)

4. Do treatment ( we have videos to show you how to operate)

5. After treatment, if needle have any carbide, use knife scrape it or sand paper rub it.

6.Needle should be disinfected before use .


  • Remove completely: instantly eliminate skin neoplasms and strong sterilization and never relapse
  • No bleeding: can avoid various lesions caused by bleeding and medical risk
  • Wound easy to recover without bandage
  • No scar left
  • Ease use: it can work for about 2-3 hours after 1 time charge.
  • Economical and practical: it is cheap and needle can reuse.
  • Easy to take

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