Beauty Personal Care Skin Meso Needle Mesotherapy Gun Machine

Working principle

water cube mesotherapy gun microneedle Using voice vacuum technology, accurately provides nutrients needed for skin in the depth of 1.28mm under the dermis.It is the principle of lifting the skin slightly by using sound pressure before micro-needle entered.The needle injects nutrients (such as hyaluronic , collagen, PRP, PPC, etc) by using multi-needle sticking in the accurate depth after keeping skin tight.


Water mesotherapy is to inject hyaluronic acid into skin. Hyaluronic acid contains moisture, 200-300 times as rich as one's body. So that it makes the skin smooth, soft, bright and hydrated after the injection.

In order to keep the skin hydrated, ladies always choose varied skin care products.Actually, skin care products only hydrate moisture on the cutin. So that over smearing those products cannot deeply provide moisture for the skin. As we know, acne, wrinkle and inelasticity would appear if skin lacks moisture.

Water mesotherapy will solves all the problems by reason of lacking moisture, such as sallow skin, color spot, wrinkle… And it will supply moisture for dermis.

Therefore water mesotherapy will works well on whitening, moisturizing and renewing inelasticity.

Fast Recovery

The effect of treatment is long lasting and visible immediately after surgery.The advantage is a fast recovery -

micro punctures and possibly minor bruising will disappear in the next days and can be very easily covered with

makeup. Vital Injector device allows treatment of larger areas of the skin within a single treatment,which also

leads to an overall shorter recovery after treatment.


1. wrinkles,large pores, skin sagging;

2. freckles, date spot,age spots, melasma,pigmentation and other pigment disorders;

3. telangiectasia,skin flushing, rosacea,erythema,acne and other vascular diseases;

4. skin muddy,finish lower, more sebum,acne.

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