Fibroblast plasma pen eyelid lift Spot Removal

What is Plasma?

Plasma is one of the four fundamental states of matter. While the others are solid, liquid, and gas. Unlike these three states of matter, plasma does not naturally exist on the earth under normal surface conditions and can whereby the gaseous state has been ionised by the high temperature and high electricity in everyday environment.

Work principle

Similar as carbon dioxide (CO2) laser beauty machine, it is use new generation of plasma micro district discharge technology with low temperature and high frequency, it is efficient capacity conversion material and chip control. when the needle touch the freckle skin, it produce plasma with high temperature as 2000 ℃ immediately, then it can carbide the spot freckle, removal it.

What are you able to treat with this Plasma Pen Device?

  • Fine Lines
  • Crows Feet Lines
  • Eyebrow ptosis
  • Nasal Labial Folds / Laugh Lines
  • Marionette Lines
  • Neck Lines
  • Drooping Skin / Loose Skin
  • Moles
  • Pigmentation Removal
  • Age Spot Removal
  • Freckle Removal
  • Scar Removal
  • Stretch Mark Removal

PLASMA Nozzle Types

Plasma Acne

Plasma Fractional

Plasma Lifting

Plasma Permeating

The best assistance for esthetic treatment by plasma technology.

Simple and ergonomic design for comfortable grip of stable operation without stress

All-in-one system with simply changeable 4 types of plasma treatment probe

Easy to use the wheel dial for adjustment of output power with strong and wide range

Rechargeable battery-power with micro USB connector.


  • Remove completely: instantly eliminate skin neoplasms and strong sterilization and never relapse
  • No bleeding: can avoid various lesions caused by bleeding and medical risk
  • Wound easy to recover without bandage
  • No scar left
  • Ease use: it can work for about 2-3 hours after 1 time charge.
  • Economical and practical: it is cheap and needle can reuse.
  • Easy to take

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