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What is Shock Wave Therapy?

Shockwave therapy, also known as Extracorporeal Shock Wave Therapy (ESWT), is a clinically proven and highly effective treatment for chronic soft tissue injuries and certain bone conditions.

An extracorporeal shockwave is defined as a non-evasive, non-electrical high energy sound wave that passes through the body via a hand-held probe. The shock waves produce a rapid increase in blood circulation to the target area and will break down fibrous scar tissue which builds up over time, especially with chronic conditions.

The break-down of scar tissue is the key to why shock wave therapy is so effective. Unlike normal elasticated tissue, scar tissue is non-elastic and will prevent normal movement and function, thereby weakening the unaffected tissue surrounding it, often causing further damage and pain. By increasing circulation and breaking down scar tissue, shockwave therapy will stimulate cell regeneration and promote normal healing and rapid reduction of pain. The normal function can then be restored.


1.Tennis elbow(Painful inflammation of the tendon attachment on the lateral elbow)

2.Shoulder pain with or without calcification(Painful limitation of shoulder movement)

3.Golfer's elbow (Painful inflammation of the tendon attachment on the medial elbow)

4.Busitis trochanterica(Painful periostitis of the hip)

5.Patella tip syndrome(Inflammation of the tibial edge dye to excessive strain)

6. Tibial edge syndrome(Inflammation of the tibial edge due to excessive strain)

7.Achillodynia(Painful irritation of the achilles tendon)

8.Painful heel(Painful,mostly chronic inflammation of the heel)

9. Inflammation of the tendon attachment (Painful inflammation of tendon attachments due to overexertion or improper strain,or due to degenerative processes)

10. Acupuncture points (Pain therapy through that treatment of acupuncture points)

11. Painful trigger points (Acute and chronic pain in the back,shoulder,neck,etc.due to permanently shortened and thickened muscles)

Shock Wave Features

1. The human engineering design provides setting and operates conveniently;

2. 5 inches color crystal Spanish and English touch screen design, intuitive and clear;

3. Import power source, to ensure instant shock output effect;

4. Surge pressure and frequency selection, conform to treatment demand;

5. The ultra-silence air compressor is built-in accessories collection box;

6. Single or dual output is optional, and provides a various professional probe;

7. There are 5 adjustable preset reference solutions;

8. Adopt a portable design.

Shock Wave Fields of application

  • Physiotherapy
  • Orthopedics
  • Sports injuries
  • Aesthetic medicine

Shock Wave Benefits

  • Success rate of 80%
  • Non surgical and drug free
  • Non-invasive
  • No risk of infection
  • Faster and easier healing
  • Reduce expenses
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