Q-Switch Nd Yag Q Switched Tattoo Removal Laser

Working Theory of Picosecond Laser Tattoo Removal Equipment

The Q-switched Nd yag laser takes specific wavelenaths light in high enerav, which are absorbed by pigment and shatters the pigment into particles, breaking them into very small fragments, some parts will consequently bounce out of the skin and the other parts will spilt even further into minute particles. Then absorbed and eliminated by body.


The portable picosecond laser tattoo removal equipment is a tool for removing all pigment problem on human skin. Because of energetic selectively absorbed by targeted color, energy will not be absorbed by normal skin brings clients less pain feeling and less down time.


1. Remove all kinds of tattoo.

2. Remove pigmentation formed by pathological changes of pigment skin and mixed color, dermis spot, fleck,black nevus, age pigment, birthmark and Nevus of Ota.

3. Remove all kinds of embroider eyebrow tattoo, embroider lip tattoo, soak lip tattoo, embroider eye line tattoo and lip line tattoo.

4.Brown mole removal and Skin Rejuvenation


  1. High-Tech: used unique Honeycomb Focused technology
  2. Korea imported guide: Spot size 100% round and precise treatment and energy transmit evenly.
  3. Longevity: 50,000,000shots,at least 6year use.
  4. Laser Energy: 600mj/cm2
  5. Spot: 2-10mm, much bigger spot size, fast treatment
  6. Short pulse duration ,short pulse width
  7. Less influenced and without injury to the surrounding skin
  8. impressive results ,minimal downtime ,fewer treatment
  9. Comfortable and safe treatment
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