Laser tattoo pigment removal skin rejuvenation Machine


The blast effect of laser, laser penetrates the epidermis and reach the endogenous' pigment parts, because of the short time and high energy, pigments absorb the high energy and get a rapid expansion, then break into small particles. These small particles are engulfed by phagocytes and are expelled in body metabolism, finally the pigment gradually fades away, and ultimately achieve the purpose of tattoo removal and pigments removal.


1.Safety:the pulse width is short,almost no produce thermal effect,and no damage to the good organization of skin.

2.Quick:with fast powerful energy directly crushing melanin to improve the skin.

3.Curative effect:treatment times  are less,the treatment effect is better and more safety.

4.Application:suitable for a wide range of customers,long-term effect is more obvious,more durable and safety.


1.Remove tattoo of all colors including black, red, blue, coffee, brown

2.Remove tattoo on eyebrow, eye line and lip line

3.Remove pigmented such as freckle, age spot, Nevus of Ota, blue naevus,

black nevus, coffee, spot, rosacea

4. Wrinkle removal , skin rejuvenation, whitening, Shrinking of enlarged pores

While Compared To General Q-switch laser

1.Treatment results faster

Picosecond laser machine with higher peak power better selective photothermolysis make tattoo & Pigment removal treatment process from 5-10 times reduced to 2-4 times , greatly reduce the treatment and recovery time , with fast and obvious effective.

2.More Comfortable & Less hurt

Compared to traditional passive q-switch laser or eletro q-switch laser ;Picosecond Laser can remove all kinds of pigment and tattoo in less short pulse ,thus with less harmful to skin more comfortable & Safe.

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