Best Top Selling High Power Laser Tattoo Removal machine

Working Theory:

Applying the technology of IPL and Bipolar Radio Frequency, the system acts on the entire corium layer, epidermal layer and subcutaneous tissue. On one hand, IPL destroys pathological pigments by photothermolysis effect, and stimulates the collagen and elastic fiber and gets the effect of tightening and whitening, on the other hand, biopolar RF release about 10 MHZ radio wave, high frequency vibration makes the skin molecule creating heat energy by friction, when the temperature reaches 68℃-72℃,the collagens extend will reproduce and recombine, enhance getting the effect of tightening skin and removing wrinkles.


  1. Adopts the newest OPT (Optimal Pulse technology) SHR technology, it can continuously shot for fast hair removal (SHR), 1 second emits 5 to 10 flashes (adjustable), and you can slide the treatment heads on the skin very quickly back and forth, So fast and virtually painless.
  2. All internal parts and machine rear cover adopts Stainless Steel Framework and Modular Design for more gorgeous appearance, long lift time ad more stable working. Machine case with ABS materials for more stable working. Special designed cooling system ensures constantly working.
  3.  Imported True 3000W OPT super big power guarantee enough power input and assure more effective treatment and more longer working time.
  4. OPT SHR Function and Normal IPL Function (PR , SR , HR , WR ,AR) with 6 filters. Large spot size for easier and faster body hair removal treatment.
  5. New multifunctional beauty machine with advanced technologies (OPT SHR & IPL & RF, Bipolar RF, Nd: Yag Laser), easy operation: the 8.4 inch TFT True Colorful Touch screen for E light and Bipolar RF system. You can do the E light / Bipolar RF treatment and Laser treatment for customer at same time in 1 machine to save time and cost.
  6. The Germany imported square instant “plug and play” connector, safe and easy to install.
  7. The intelligent Water temperature Alarm System. Special technique, automatic energy adjustable system.
  8. 100% imported sapphire crystal of Real -5℃more incomparable comfortable, and safety.
  9. 6 kinds languages for free choice, and we can design the needed language.


  1. Hair Removal: Fast sliding painless hair removal, removing underarm hairhairline, lips, chest, back, limbs and other hair under the hair
  2. Freckle: Remove pigmented skin problems such as freckles, sunburn spotscoffee spots, age spots, etc.
  3. Get rid of acne: eliminate acne acne and acne scars
  4. Remove facial redness (telangiectasia
  5. Wrinkles: promote the rearrangement of elastic fibers, remove fine wrinklesstimulate collagen proliferation, enhance skin elasticity, improve dullness ofcolor, loose skin, aging and other issues, improve facial skin condition and promote skin metabolism
  6. Ascension: firming skin, facial lift, removal of nasolabial fold
  7. Skin Rejuvenation: Improves dull complexion, uneven skin tone, pigmenttion, shrinks large pores, improves skin quality
  8. Wash eyebrow tattoo
  9. Black-faced doll: oil control, shrink pores, blackheads

Handle details:


Let the treatment probe touch the target area ad mover(Or Slide)from the inner to the outer and round and round and from the lower place to the higher, when you do the treatment ont he upper lid,Pls move a bit more quickly,when the gel on the face get drier,please add some GEL and go on with the treatment.


The pulse width of laser is 10ns - 1ns. The laser beam emitted from the laser window (the end of the arm) is converged at a distance of 70mm from the outlet. The focal length of the focusing lens is 170mm. Without the focal length lens, the laser.

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