2020 Professional High Power Painless Freezing Hair Removal

Product description:

New brand laser hair removal machine equiped lasted technology non channel chips handle, our device utilizes upgraded technology non-channel instead of micro-channel or macro-channel handle .Because of special chips arrangement non-channel handle can take up the water temperature 55℃, while both micro and macro channels can only take maximum 35℃. It is more fast and comfortable for permanent hair removal.


808 freezing point is based on selective solar-thermal dynamics, through adjusting the wavelength, energy and pulse width of the laser through the skin to the hair root hair follicles, the heat energy is absorbed and break down the follicle tissue, making hair regeneration.The system of quick freezing point hair removal apply for refrigeration protection,It can make the temperature up to -5℃,It solves a lot difficulties.At the same time , it is safe, quick and permanent technology.


  1. New Italy imported water pump replaced Chinese pump with better cooling system and more quiet duirng treatment . Those obvious difference will be find when your customers compare with old machines .
  2. High energy, no pigmentation, excellent treatment result can be expected at the first treatment and suitable to all types of hair .
  3. Macro-channel technology –Macro cooling system makes diode module working much safer and prolong the lifespan of diode laser handpieces.
  4. High quality spare parts . the core part Laser bars are imported from US. the handpiece can continue working for a long time
  5. High quality water filter and testmeter, insures the high purity for the water, prolong the lifetime of laser bar.
  6. Quick: Squared big spot size could prompt the treatment speed, treatment speed and efficiency. Reduce treatment time for original 1/5.
  7. Automatical alarm system: once any problems happens, machine will stop working immediately. Protect the patient and machine firstly.


  1. Treat all kind of hair color from black hair to white hair;
  2. Treat all skin types from white to dark skin;
  3. No pain and shorter treatment sessions;
  4. Effective and safe treatment for permanent hair removal.


808nm: golden standard wavelength for all hair types.

High energy,no pigmentation,excellent treatment results can be expected even at the first treatment course,suitable for all hair types.

Target different tissue depths as well as structures within hair follicles. Thus to the greatest extent to ensure effective result and painless.

Best Thermostatic Water Cycle System ensures that semiconductor pump wouldn’t burn cavity due to over heating.

Safety,no skin scattering,no harm to skin and sweat glands,no scar,no side-effect.

Power Module Design makes the installation & maintenance very convenient and easy.

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