Best selling new OPT hair removal painless with freezing cooling system


Hair removal principle:

E-light hair removal is a new hair removal technique: pulsed light absorbs and converts into heat energy in the hair and the melanin in the hair follicle. Heat energy warms the hair shaft and hair follicles rapidly, denatures the hair follicles, destroys the hair papillae, and eventually causes the original hair to fall off. Hair growth is delayed and fades until it does not grow.

 Laser principle:

Using laser to instantaneously launch high energy to effectively crush the pigment in the tissue, causing the principle of explosion, the high concentration of laser light penetrates instantaneously, so that the pigment rapidly expands due to heat, and finally excreted through the lymphatic system circulation in the human body, the pigment of the group will gradually Become light until it disappears

Principle of radio frequency:

Through the epidermis directly on the dermis. activate the dermal cells to make the water molecules frictional and high-speed friction with each other to generate energy. When the local reaches 60 degrees, the dermis collagen immediately converges and is activated.


1.  Hair Removal: Fast sliding painless hair removal, removing underarm hair hairline, lips, chest, back, limbs and other hair under the hair

2.  Freckle: Remove pigmented skin problems such as freckles, sunburn spots coffee spots, age spots, etc.

3.  Get rid of acne: eliminate acne, acne and acne scars

4.  Remove facial redness (telangiectasia)

5.  Wrinkles: promote the rearrangement of elastic fibers, remove fine wrinkles.stimulate collagen proliferation, enhance skin elasticity, improve dullness of color, loose skin, aging and other issues, improve facial skin condition and promote skin metabolism.

6.  Ascension: firming skin, facial ift, removal of nasolabial fold

7.  Skin Rejuvenation: Improves dull complexion, uneven skin tone, pigmentation, shrinks large pores, improves skin quality

8.  Wash eyebrow tattoo

9. Black-faced doll: oil control, shrink pores, blackheads


1. Multi-purpose, functional complementary, widely used, wonderful therapeutic effect

2.8.0 inch large color touch LCD screen, user-friendly menu, simple operation

3. The shell is made of ABS environment-friendly material and beautiful design.

4. The cooling temperature is -3 ~ 2 °C, making the treatment more comfortable and safe

5. Automatic detection of water level, water amount and water greatly improves the service life and safety of the machine.

6. Long continuous working time, stable function and long treatment cycle.

7.6 multilingual, easy to master anywhere in the world.

8. It has two operation modes, which are convenient for new users to use, professional mode.

Range of application:

Hair removal: permanent hair removal, hairs through whole body(hairs in growing period, including tiny hairs with light color

Freckle removing: removing freckles, chloasma, sunburn, age spots, acne marks and facial blemishe

Skin Rejuvenation: improving large pores, rough skin, tiny wrinkles, and restoring skin elasticity.

Wrinkle Reduction: removing real and false wrinkles. Facial and body anti-aging.

Telangiectasia treatment: redness, facial flush.  Improving dull complexion to whiten and uniform skin

Specifically eliminating red, brown, suntan and other colored tattoos.

Effectively wiping out all kinds of eyebrow, embroider eyebrow, tattoos, eyeliner and lip liner.

Treating pigmented skin lesions and mixed hyperpigmentation such as age spots, birthmarks, ota nevus, moles and so on.

Instrument features

No pain:continuous light, painless hair removab.

Fast:Large area spot, sliding operationC.

Non-invasive No trauma to skin tissued.

Safety:It can effectively avoid the side effects of glare and greatly reduce the difficulty of operatione.

Efficacy:a wider range of applicable customers, more immediate effects, more long-term effects

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