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Applying the technique of IPL and Bi-polar Radio Frequency, the equipment acts on the entire skin corium and connective tissue, stimulates the collagens of different depth to realign and grow, then gets operation effect. Bio-polar RF release energy at the same time, with the selective absorption for the skin to light energy, various pathological tissues of corium and epidermis creates Photothermolysis effect. Since light energy is far below conventional IPL, the pigment tissue and vascular pathological tissue of the corium and epidermis would absorb more energy without injuring the epidermis, and then remove these pathological tissues better and get the effect.

Technical Principles

E-light technology

Aimed at entire dermis and connective tissue, IPL and Bipolar RF

technology stimulates and makes the collagen in different depths rearrange and grow so as to achieve the therapeutic effect, while bipolar radio frequency simultaneously releases energy, making diseased tissues in epidermis and dermis produce light pyrolysis through skin’s selective absorption of light energy.

SHR technology

The effective depth penetration of 640nm-1200nm professional

wavelength of hair removal can reach to papilla, and continuously shines to ensure the

target tissues produce sufficient heat that makes hair follicles and stem cells around them

lose activity until hair follicles atrophy and hairs stop growing; latest single pulse technique

and sapphire contacting operation head making operation and cooling work simultaneously,

not only have a good long-term effect in hair removal, but also protect normal skin tissues

from harm and make customers feel more comfortable during the operation.

Machine function:

1. Hair Removal: permanent hair removal, throughout the body

indecent hair (growthperiod of hair ), including the lighter fine hair.

2. freckle: get rid of freckles, sun spots, age spots, acne India, facial blemishes.

3. rejuvenation: improve large pores, rough skin, fine wrinkles, restore skin elasticity.

4. Treat blood capillary expansion: redness, facial flushing.

5. Improve dull complexion, white skin, uniform color.


1) Cost effective: One handpeice with interchangeable filters for different treatments.

2) High-efficiency: Large spot size 15*50mm ensures high-efficient operation.

3) Fast treatment. Frequency up to 10Hz.

4) Hairfree, even on work on blonde, red or fine hair.

5) Skinfree, suitable for all skin types, even tanners.

6) Comfortable: Effective air and water cooling system with copper radiator, adjustable contact cooling temperature from -4℃~0℃,

makes the treatment more comfortable.

7) IPL combines with RF, used on light color soft hair. RF is suitable for all types of skin.

8) User friendly: Standard programming mode comes with preset settings; Professional programming mode for advanced treatment.

9) Microcomputer Flash counter for individual handpiece to record every shot.

10) Operations Safety: water flow and water level control system keeps IPL machine in safe condition.

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