3 in 1Laser beauty instrument For Wrinkle Removal Skin Rejuvenation

Working theory:

The core technology of E-Light Beauty Skin Therapy has three main points: RF + light energy + epidermal cooling, which fully combines the respective advantages of light energy (IPL) and (RF) radio frequency, and utilizes the selective absorption of light energy by the skin to cause target tissue. The difference in impedance from normal skin enhances the absorption of radio frequency by the target tissue at a lower intensity of light energy, so that the tissue reaches a desired temperature rise. Radiofrequency penetrates deep into the skin, has no selective absorption, and its conductivity in the skin is closely related to temperature. E-Light Beauty Skin Therapy combines the advantages of light energy and radio frequency, and utilizes the selective absorption of light energy by the skin to strengthen the absorption of radio frequency by skin tissue. At the same time, the RF surface contact cooling technology eliminates the discomfort and complications caused by the intense heat of the strong light, and has a breakthrough in efficacy and safety.

Technological Advantages:

1.Large vertical equipment, huge color touch screen, exalted and noble.

2.Combining three technologies, intense pulsed light, radio frequency and laser, having more complete

3.functions.Latest plug and play butt joint, separate water and electric design, more secure and easy to install.

4.Perfect combine of  large capacity stainless steel tank and industrial radiator, it provide water cycle cooling system which satisfies customers’ continuous treatment demand.

5.Nine operating languages suit to different colleagues in different countries.Water flow and temperate self- testing system and self-correcting system to guarantee safe operation.


1, non-invasive , no need to apply anesthetic cream.

2, almost no pain, everyone can accept.

3, join the refrigeration technology, the clinical more comfortable and safe.

4, can wash your face, makeup.

5, a wider range of treatment, can treat a variety of deep spots, fine hair can not be achieved by the color light, the effect is more significant.

6, RF is not affected by pigmentation can act on dark skin.


(1) It can stimulate the activation of collagen mother cells, make it new collagen, firm skin and reduce wrinkles.

(2) Firming pores appear pink, silky smooth skin.

(3) Rejuvenation, bid farewell to dull skin, uneven skin tone.

(4) Remove shallow spots and improve some dermal spots. Facial pigmentation spots - dark spots, freckles.

(5) Permanent removal of hair.

(6) Improve superficial microvascular disease of the face, microvascular dilatation, vascular skin atrophy.

(7) Improve acne, acne marks, acne, etc.

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