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HI-EMT EM-SCULPT is the newest, non-invasive body contouring treatment, specifically for abdomen and buttocks. It helps you gain muscle and lose fat and is the latest device taking the beauty world by storm - it is already a much-loved treatment by many celebrities around the world.

Imagine doing 20,000 squats or 20,000 sit-ups in 30 minutes …

Now, imagine doing it without the work. Whether you want toned abs or a lifted butt, it is now possible with a revolutionary body contouring device called HI-EMT EM-SCULPT.

At times, despite a good diet and exercise routine, certain areas of the body are resistant to change. With LWHT commitment to helping our clients feel amazing, we are proud to be one of the first to introduce HI-EMT EM-SCULPT to build tone, muscle, and lift in specific areas of the body.

HI-EMT EM-SCULPT is an FDA-Approved body contouring device designed to define and sculpt muscle tone and burn fat following a series of 4 treatments over 2 weeks. It involves no downtime or surgery and is nearly pain-free during the procedure.

Commonly Treated Areas:


Buttocks (for lifting)

Triceps (upper arms)


In Clinical Trials, Patients Reported:

96% patient satisfaction

19% reduction of fat

16% increase in muscle mass

4 cm (1.5 inches) loss in waistline circumference

5 x increase in fat metabolism

80% of patients with visible lifting effect of buttocks

How Does EM-SCULPT Work?

You get results through the use of High Intensity, Focused Electro Magnetic energy. In other words, EM-SCULPT produces magnetic energy that creates “supra-maximal” muscle contraction. It triggers a series of different patterns of muscle contractions that stimulate muscle work beyond what you can get through a personal trainer or with strength training alone.

A single EM-SCULPT treatment is the equivalent of doing approximately 20,000 sit ups or squats. This muscle contraction leads to the creation of new muscle mass (increased tone and muscle definition) as well as enhanced fat metabolism through lipolysis, or destruction of fat cells. EM-SCULPT burns fat and tones muscle in the abdominal and buttocks region without pain, downtime or sweating it out at the gym.

How Do I Know If EM-SCULPT Is Right For Me?

Em-sculpt might be a good choice for you if:

You’re close to your ideal weight, but want more defined abs or a higher, rounder butt.

Em-sculpt is best suited for people who are already physically active but need some help achieving the look they want.

Em-sculpt Isn’t A Good Choice For You If:

You want to lose a substantial amount of weight.

You have implanted metal, pacemakers, or cardiac defibrillators near the treatment site.

You have cardiac issues or a history of seizures.

You are pregnant, have a hernia, or have had recent surgery near the treatment site.

What Should I Expect Following Treatment?

The following day, there may be mild discomfort, as though you had undergone an intense workout. However, you should be able to resume normal activity immediately following the procedure, including returning to work, exercising, or visiting.

How Is EM-SCULPT Comparable To Other Fat Treatment Options, Such As CoolSculpting, Vanquish, And Liposuction?

Like Vanquish and CoolSculpting, EM-SCULPT is a non-surgical approach with minimal discomfort and no downtime, yet it does require periodic maintenance.

CoolSculpting is a non-invasive fat removal procedure that freezes fat, resulting in cell death and elimination. However, it is a spot treatment for fat reduction that requires multiple sessions and is dependent on a technician’s skill in getting the right results.

In a small minority of cases, CoolSculpting can create significant discomfort that necessitates pain medication following treatment.

In contrast, Vanquish uses heat to generate the permanent removal of unwanted fat. It is best for people who struggle with stubborn areas of fat deposits that are resistant to diet and exercise. Able to treat a larger area at once, Vanquish

produces results for both the abdomen and flanks simultaneously. It is a good alternative for individuals who want measurable results without surgery or CoolSculpting.

Liposuction is the gold standard for fat removal. It is a minimally invasive surgical procedure performed under a local numbing agent called tumescent anesthesia. Like all the options, it targets areas that are resistant to diet and exercise. It can

remove large volumes of fat in a single session but does involve some downtime afterward.

Experience Increased Muscle Tone and Decreased Fat Today

HI-EMT EM-SCULPT is an advanced and intensive magnetic muscle stimulator delivering a maximal output of 7 Tesla. Due to the characteristics of electromagnetic field, it passes through all skin, clothes and fat in order to effectively stimulate the muscle, providing the most intensive continuous contractions which is ideal for muscle growth, and also inducing apoptosis.

Unlike older technologies that just treat fat, MM slim builds muscle also giving you a much more toned and defined shape to your body. This technology is the latest in the Body contouring industry providing patients with a comfortable treatment and results within weeks.

In fact patients can sit back and relax while the devise performs the equivalent of more than 20,000 painless crunches or squats all in just 30 minutes.

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