skin moving back into its rightful place, and your entire face looking fresher and younger.


Nonsurgical skin tightening isn’t a myth. With the right treatment, you’ll see your loose skin moving back into its rightful place, and your entire face looking fresher and younger. Tighten, recontour, and retexture your skin with just one Thermage treatment. That’s right – unlike many other nonsurgical cosmetic procedures, radiofrequency tightening typically requires a single session.

In addition to its uniquely patient-friendly treatment process (how many procedures offer no downtime and just one session for an ideal outcome?), what we really love about Thermage is its entirely natural-looking results. As your skin gradually lifts and tightens, you’ll slowly look better and better, without ever appearing to have had “work” done, or changing into someone other than yourself. Improvements may be noticeable immediately and will improve over time for up to 12 months.

Thermage science

The Details

Thermage treatments are all about energy – focusing radiofrequency energy to kick start the body’s own natural renewal process. Like most smart technologies, the process is relatively simple – it’s a combination of heat energy to treat deep tissue, and cooling effects, to protect the skin surface and deliver better patient comfort. And our latest evolution of Thermage includes patented Comfort Pulse Technology – gentle vibrations and interspersed cooling that make your Thermage treatment even more comfortable. Even so, it’s important to remember every patient’s circumstances are different, so for specifics, it’s best to consult your Thermage physician.


  • Your skin has three unique layers – the epidermis, the dermis, and the subcutaneous layer.
  • Over time, collagen in these layers breaks down from repetitive overstretching, weakening from sun exposure, genetic factors, and other aspects of the aging process.
  • The skin is no longer held as tightly, and it begins to sag. Wrinkles form, and loose skin droops over facial features like the eyes and corners of the mouth.
  • Thermage delivers radiofrequency energy to that very collagen, giving it a fresh start.
  • Old collagen contracts, thickening and pulling the skin back into place.
  • As the months after treatment pass, new collagen begins growing, helping support deeper skin layers and resulting in superficial improvements.
  • Treatment is appropriate for all skin types and colors, with results lasting for years.
  • Patients typically require absolutely no downtime – they can get back to work, errands, or other daily activities immediately after their session.


  • Eyes – The eyes can undergo significant changes as the skin ages and droops. There may be hooding, fine lines around the corners of the eyes, and a sagging brow (which can make us look permanently tired or angry). Thermage treats both the upper and lower eyelids to help skin tighten and reveal your beautiful eyes.
  • Face and jawline – Fed up with jowls, turkey neck, or a flabby-looking jawline? Thermage is ideal for smoothing lines and remodeling collagen, tightening up your facial features.
  • Body – Undesirable bulges and dimples take hold as skin sags across our bodies. Thermage not only improves skin texture, but can also reduce cellulite.

If these treatment areas mesh with your needs, it’s worth learning more. Thermage occupies an area between the dramatic results of surgery and the subtle-to-unnoticeable changes possible with anti-aging serums. Safe and effective, it could be perfect for your tightening goals.

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