Multifunctional EMS micro-current ultrasonic Facial elevator Bio Ion Galvanic Facial Machine

skin management machine


Product Name

HYCYNIS IMS Beauty Machine


100V-220V AC±10%


10.2 inch smart touch





Net Weight



Working Handle Functions as follows :

1.Cool and warm hammer (forehead, face)

10 °C centigrade degree-- promotes skin tightening, keeps skin elasticity; shrink pores; wrinkle, skin’s redness, swelling and pain reduced; Anti repeated acne.

42 °C centigrade degree - helps to relax the muscles, stimulate and accelerate the blood circulation ; eliminates facial toxins,and blackheads, dirty when deep cleansing.

2.Conductive rod

Micro-current heads ( Including Ion lophoresis Rod /Micro Current Roller / Conductive rod )

Penetration into the human body 1MA micro current:infiltrate the active ingredients into the skin,remove dirt and cations from the skin,cross-stimulate the dermis layer,press the acupoints,and effectively realize the electric wave to enhance the skin tightening effect.

3.Micro-current clip stick

Micro current clip(Face)

Helps skin absorbing the mask nutrition rapidly within 15 minutes with the micro current technology

4 .Galvanic roller

Promote blood circulation, increase cell metabolism and activate enzymes. improves the quality and firmness of skin.

5.Skin scrubber(Forehead, nose, face)

Water atomization shortly by using the high ultrasound frequency vibration, delicately exfoliate the skin to achieve cleansing effect.

6.Eyes Sonic(Eyes)

Accelerating the essence absorbing. Promotes the eyes skin metabolism. Improves dark circle and wrinkle.

7.Eyes RF(Eyes)

Heating the skin tissue in the fixed position which makes the dermis thicker, while wrinkle will be gone or

becoming lighter. Reorganization the dermis collagen structure to produce new collagen, makes the skin tighten.

8,Face Sonic (forehead, face)

Face Sonic (forehead, face) accelerates the essence nutrition absorbing, promotes the skin metabolism, Promotes cell activation;improves spotted wrinkles.

9 . Oxygen sprayer(Face)

Spraying essence or toner evenly on face with 0.2Kpa pressure for skin rejuvenation and wrinkle removal.

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