seven colors led light therapy replenish water skin rejuvenation Beauty Machine for Face and Body

Product Description:

This led machine whitening instruments can effectively firm and enhance skin texture, reduce and prevent wrinkles, helps fight fatty areas. It can also minimize pores, balance skin tone and accelerate blood circulation. This will be one of the most powerful tool to stimulate skin cells to excrete collagen to achieve firm and smooth texture.(这款led机器美白仪器能有效地紧致和

Output power


Input voltage

AC 100-240V

Work voltage

DC 12V 3A

Operation modulation

Seven color

Size (machine)


Led tubes






Does skin ageing loosen pore bulky and fine wait for a symptom?

Is freckle insolated spot senile plaque wait for a symptom?Want to improve your symptoms?

  1. New characteristic cold spray (using anion atomization technology, after the nanometer water molecules are squirted out, hydration, clean pores)
  2. New characteristic hot compress :(put on the eyes, the eyes should be opened, let the hot air directly on the eyes, produce a moist, fresh, comfortable feeling.After applying, massage the canthus, orbit and temple.This method can make eye department blood pulse is smooth, visual field is clear, to prevent myopia, eliminate eye fatigue to have profit.
  3. New features of ultraviolet disinfection light: (to promote the absorption of calcium, sterilization)


  1. Single exposure shall not exceed 20 minutes, and prolonged continuous exposure is prohibited.
  2. The following patients are prohibited to use the instrument: patients with skin allergy, epilepsy, diabetes, patients with bleeding tendency, scar constitution, patients with skin infection at the nursing site, pregnant women, and patients with other skin diseases;It is not recommended for persons exposed to sunlight within one month after receiving or nursing care.
  3. You must wear an eye mask before using LED light therapy, otherwise your eyes will feel uncomfortable.
  4. After facial plastic filling (hyaluronic acid and other implants), do not use for 3 months.
  5. Within 24 hours after use, do not drink alcohol, do not eat spicy food, do not eat seafood and other high-protein food, avoid exposure to the sun (easy to tan).
  6. Pay attention to water resistance and electricity leakage. Read the product instructions carefully before use.
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