co2 fractional laser beauty machine

fractional co2 laser treatment:

The wavelength of CO2 laser is 10.6um, almost can be absorbed by human biological issue (any skin color) completely. Using the energy of laser thermal and electromagnetic effects can avoid bleeding or less bleeding at cutting surgery,burning and gasification tre atment. So, all this kind of treatments use C02 laser.

Co2 fractional laser is laser equipment with RF Tube and 30W power, its output laser light transmits by optical arm joints, good at perfect direction, high energy density and balanced treatment energy to skin. Its output light is invisible, in order to make the ope ration more convenient, we add red semiconductor laser as the directed light.Latest frad tional co2 laser skin tag care equipment acne scar removal

The Co2 Laser emits a laser beam that produces more residual thermal activity than the Erbium Laser.Consequently as the skin heals it produces additional collagen which in turn promotes a further reduction in Fine Lines & Wrinkles. Deep Lines & Wrinkles. Scarsand Sun Damage. Once the skin heals. it reveals a softer, smoother, and more youthful appearance.

fractional co2 laser for Gynecology Laser treatment:

Vaginal tightening laser is the use of water uptake 10600nm gold standard laser, using a three-dimensional lattice technology and 360-degree circular emission perfect combination of technology, to produce 50-70 degrees Celsius in a controlled depth of the vaginal mucosa, stimulate lamina propria and myometrium newborn fibroblasts, and damaged collagen fibers, elastic fibers, such as restructuring, so as to achieve vaginal wall thickening and tighteningof the vagina so that firmness, sensitivity enhancement, vagina tight as ever.

Vaginal tightening laser does not produce skin burns due to high temperature, each capable of Homogeneous heat, acting on a few hundred nanometers thickness Mucosa organization.

It concerntrated trearmal heating of the vaginal tissue inner layers induces collagen and elastine contraction and regeneration of these proteins in the longer term. These molecular signal activate the entire wound healling process of the body's local immune system. The treatment outcome is the complete remodeling of the vaginal tissue in addition to re-establishment of firm "young like" vaginal tissue embedded with string-like, thick and long collagen fibers.


thermal radiation make Mucosa tissue contraction and collagen fibers thereby improving and restructuring vaginal tightening.

1. Shrink vagina: rapid tightening, constriction, lasting firmness.

2. Beautify vagina: dilute pigment, pink labia.

3. Moist vagina: increase secretion, eliminate dryness.

4. Maintenance vagina: deep rejuvenation, prevent aging.

5. To improve sensitivity.

6. Private health, balance PH, improve the internal environment.

7. Skin rejuvenation and resurfacing

8. Wrinkle removal, skin tightening

9. Scar removal and melasma removal

10. Smooth scars like burn, surgery, traumatic and stretch marks

11.  Remove intractable chloasmas and pigmentation6. Sun damage recovery


1. VRL system of multifunction 10600nm fractional co2 laser machine dermatology laser device

Use an articulate arm probe with automatically 360° rotation technology, producing in 50°C-70°C at a controlled depth inside the vaginal mucosa - stimulates collagen contraction, restructuring and regeneration; promotes collagen fiber proliferating, remodeling; improves vaginal mucosa microcirculation; increases cell secretion and dynamic reaction function; corrects PH value of vaginal inside; improves the inside environment; achieve female private parts to significant lasting firming, nourishing and restoring harmonious sexual life.

2. Fractional system of multifunction 10600nm fractional co2 laser machine dermatology laser device

Fractional ablative CO2 resurfacing delivers 10600nm laser in fractional manner into the skin while leaving the untreated surrounding areas intact. Laser creates microscopic thermal dot on surface and performs within tissues, offering improve skin tightening, age spots, fine lines, acne scars, stretch marks removal and vulva rejuvenation. The untreated tissue helps to accelerate the healing process and rejuvenate the skin by promoting microcirculation and new cell genesis.


1.Easy operation

System is easy to understand, short operation time, about 20 minutes to complete the treatment

2. More safety

During the operation, to avoid cross intection, higher security

3. Lasting effect

The effect can be maintained for 1-3


Safe mild laser treatment without pain and discomfort

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