SHR OPT DPL permanent hair removal machine

What is DPL ?

DPL (Dye Pulse Light), a new narrow-spectrum light technology, quickly ad efficiently solve facial pigmentation and telangiectasia (red face) problems. Beacuse the curative effect is significantly beyond the photorejuvenation, and the treatment cycle is significantly shortened, it has epoch-making significance in the field of optical cosmetic skin rejuvenation technology.

DPL is an abbreviation of Dye Pulsed-Light.It is more accurate than IPL, and the treatment cycle is greatly shortened.It can excite selected narrow-spectrum pulsed light in the 100nm band, This light contains the absorption peaks of melanin, oxygen, and hemoglobin.The energy is concentrated and the effect is greatly improved

What is SHR ?

SHR combines good traits of IPL and Radio Frequency, warms up strong pulse, takes bipolar rf to strengthen acting on deep tissue, uses skin can selectively inhale light energy, to induce different impedance between target texture and normal skin. Under the circumstance of low light energy, it strengthens target texture to inhail radio frequency, greatly eliminate side effect like bleb, pigmentation caused by heat action of light energy filtering. SHR can penetrate skin deep, selectively act on hypodermal pigment, blood vessel, dissolve freckle, close abnormal vein, solve skins all kinds of flaws. Simultaneously, SHR can stimulator hypodermal collagen rebirth, make skin youth, health and smooth.


1. Non-invasive, no need to apply anesthetic cream.

2. Almost no pain, everyone can accept.

3. Join the refrigeration tehnology, the clinical more comfortable and safe

4. Can wash your face, make up

5. A wider range of treatment, can treat a variety of deep spots, fine hair can not be achievedby the color light, the effect is more significant

6. RF is mot affected by pigmentation can act on dark skin

Treatment range: OPT & SHR

1. Permanent hair removal.

2. Pigmentations treatment (Spots removal,smallpox removal,freckle removal).

3. Skin rejuvenation (Tighten skin,fine wrinkles removal,whiten skin).

4. Acne Treatment.

5. Vascular Therapy.

Machine Advantage:

1.Multi-purpose,functional complementary,widely application,marvelous treatment effect.

2.8.0 inch Color Touch LCD screen,humanized menu, easy operation.

3.The shell is made of the ABS environmental material and beautiful design.

4. The cooling temperature -3~2 °C,treatment more comfortable and safe.

5. Water level, water flow and water automatic detection greatly increasing machine’s life; expectancy and safety.

6. Long continuous work time, stable function, shot period of treatment.

7. 6 Multilingual languages,anywhere in the world can be easily grasped.

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