What is the opt shr hair removal machine?


OPT(Optimal Pulsed technology) IPL technology treatment theory is that : intense pulsed light produces light and heat effect and photochemical effects on the skin, the deep collagen and elastic fiber skin rearranges and restores the skin elasticity, while enhances the vascular tissue functions, eliminatesfacial skin wrinkles and reduces pore shrink; additionaly, intense pulsed light can also penetrates the skin, is preferentially absorbed by the pigment group and vascular tissue selectivity;without destroying the normal skin,blood coagulation, pigment group and pigment cells are destroyed, decomposition, soas to achieve therapeutic effect of telangiectasia and pigmentation.

Opt IPL RF Laser Hair Tattoo Removal Machine

Applicable Ranges:

1)Wrinkle removal,facelift,skin lift.

2)Permanent hair removal.

3)Dispel deep freckle,epidermis freckle,whiten skin,dispel thread vein.

4)Acne skin therapy.

 Opt IPL RF Laser Hair Tattoo Removal Machine

Opt IPL RF Laser Hair Tattoo Removal Machine

Nd:YAG laser Adopting the Q-Switched ND:

YAG model,the equipment uses laser to emit high energy

instantaneously which smashing the pigment of pathological tissues,namely the laser leading


 Opt IPL RF Laser Hair Tattoo Removal Machine

Opt IPL RF Laser Hair Tattoo Removal Machine

Opt IPL RF Laser Hair Tattoo Removal Machine

Explosive effect:

High energy emits instantaneously,making particular wavelength laser penetrating epidermis and getting into pathological pigment tissues in only 6nms.Then pigments expand in top speed and explode.The superficial epidermis would be bounded out of body;other part of the pigments would split into granules which would be engulfed by macrophages,then exclude by the lymphatic system finally.The pigment becomes shallow gradually finally disappear while the surrounding normal skin tissues keep sound as they do not absorb particular wavelength laser.

 Opt IPL RF Laser Hair Tattoo Removal Machine


Application Ranges:

1)Pigment skin pathological changes,pigmentation caused by color pigment mixture,corium      spot,freckle,mole,birthmark,nevus of Ota etc.

2)Specialized in removing red capillary,coffee,brown and other colorized tattoos.

3)Effectively remove all kinds of embroider eyebrow,soak lip,eye line,and lip line.


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