448k rf slimming machine physical therapy
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448k rf slimming machine physical therapy

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Product Description
448 Khz RF indiba machine

Use the most suitable frequency of 448K Hz to regulate the activity of ions inside and outside the cell, open ion channels inlarge numbers, and promote transmembrane movement. To achieve cell repair balance and regeneration, 448kHz can promote the proliferation of human mesenchymal stem cells by 25%. Regulate gastrointestinal and various viscera functions

The instrument has a super treatment span. The front abdomen and back are placed during treatment, covering all internal organs in the abdominal cavity, and extending to the whole body and the extremities. It can improve the balance of various viscera cells, speed up the body's metabolism, promote intestinal peristalsis, improve the intestinal environment, increase intestinal immunity, enhance gastric motility and various visceral functions Regulate autonomic nerve function to improve insomnia and dreaminess
The disorder of sympathetic and parasympathetic nerves reduces body function and promotes hypothermia. The reduced oxygen carrying capacity and nutrient supply in tissues hinder material exchange and lead to hypothermia. This state can cause sympathetic nervousness, resulting in autonomic disorders, and decreased visceral function. INDIBA uses a unique 448KHZ to repair nerve cells,

restore autonomic nerve function, improve sleep quality, and relieve fatigue, anxiety and tension. Increase basal body temperature and enhance immunity. Regulate women's menstruation and gynecological syndrome, and have a significant effect on improving dysmenorrhea/cold palace. The deep-seated heat of the instrument will directly act on the abdominal cavity that is prone to silt and cold (such as: uterus, ovaries and other organs). Strengthen abdominal blood circulation and lymphatic circulation, relieve backache, cramps, dysmenorrhea and low menstrual flow during menstruation.
Endogenous heat technology accelerates the detoxification of connective tissues in the body, removes turbid gas, turbid water, and turbidity, improves symptoms such as flatulence, edema, weakness of the limbs, oily head and surface oil, and metabolizes garbage toxins out of the body. Reduce visceral fat, improve hyperlipidemia, inhibit the synthesis of new fat cells, significantly reduce the size of fat cells, and effectively fight hard fat and cellulite
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Energy Type
Double RF
AC 110V-240V 50-60Hz
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