Hyaluronic Acid Collagen powder Mixing Use Mesotherapy Anti Wrinkle Facial Skin Lifting


Acetyl hexapeptide-8, dipeptide diaminobutyrylbenzylamide diacetate, mannitol, nonapeptide-1, acetyltetrapeptide-5, oligopeptide-1, oligopeptide-5, pentapeptide -1


1. Avoid blood vessels during atomization

 2, within 24 hours after atomization to prevent high temperature and pay attention to anti-inflammatory

3, before the operation to clean, disinfect, after the operation, the wound needs to be cold



Contains rich VE, effectively brightens up your skin while eliminating melanin pigments

2.Reducing melanin

Produces reaction between high concentration of VE extract and melanin, minimizes the melanin to light pigment

3.All-round protection

Thoroughly improves skin repairing ability to prevent the reappearance of stubborn freckles

4.Repairing damaged skin

Repair skin from sunburn and other problems, such as peeling, caused by a long-term improper treatment of stubborn freckles

Product composition difference:

The stem cell filling in the market is different from our stem cell filling. They contain growth factors. The growth factor is terrible. It will be mad and uncontrollable in the later stage. In addition, there will be hard particles after the operation. A small particle can't disappear; our stem cells don't have this phenomenon. After the operation, they are the same as our original skin. After that, there will be no hard objects and no madness. This is our product and the stem cells on the market. s difference

Large area filling (1+7ML)

Operable parts: breast enlargement, abundance, rich face, Feng chin, tear groove, privacy, nose bridge, intense pattern, decree pattern, Sichuan word pattern, and legal pattern can be filled as long as it is concave. Matching method: a bottle of lyophilized powder + collagen peptide

1: collagen peptide can take 57ML amount into the lyophilized powder, this can be immediately effective ratio)

2: can also not use collagen peptides, with physiological saline ratio (this is a fall ratio, but the safest Method of operation)

 Small area filling (1+2ML)

 Operable parts: Chuanzi pattern, tear groove, decree pattern, Feng chin ratio method: a bottle of lyophilized powder + collagen peptide

1. Collagen peptide can take 2ML amount into the lyophilized powder to operate: (this is the immediate effect ratio)

2. It is also possible not to use collagen peptides and mix with physiological saline (this is a ratio of falling, but the safest method of operation)

 Operation method:

 Two bottles need to be mixed.

 Head-up pattern: Before operation, disinfect the parts and instruments that need to be atomized by iodophor disinfection. Install 0.25ml compound peptide in the ampoule tube, atomize every 0.6-1cm according to wrinkle pattern, and atomize 3-5 units at point-to-point.

Product expiration date: The product is stored within 48 hours after opening. No open Can stored for 3 years

How long the product can be managed: 3-5 years (outside publicity is 5-8 years, after 45 days in the middle, there is a fallback can be added, the general operation can be managed for 35 years)

Product ingredient description: stem cell filling (without growth factors)

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