potable 2in1 Plasma ozone pen eyelid lift beauty machine

Working Principle

Creating plasma by applying high-frequency, high-pressure in atmosphere, delivering stable plasma ion to the tip of the handpiece, stable and effective skin treatment mechanism by stimulating biochemical process in inner and outer area of biological cell.

The two - in - one plasma consists of a flash plasma and ozone plasma.

1.A flash spot plasma gold handle function one: Facial lifting firming, Remove freckle, Remove wrinkles.

2.Ozone plasma white handle function two: anti-inflammatory sterilization, soothing itching, catabolic pigments, regulating oil secretion • oil control skin, for allergic skin, acne, eczema, skin inflammation and other skin, seven different probes can be replaced.

What is Plasma ?

Gas aterials apply energy. The ionization generated by free electrons changes to a gas state. At this time, the applied energy includes various types such as heat, alternating current, direct current, and RF.

In the case of plasma, a direct current is used as an energy source.

·Spark discharge sequence generated by direct current, the heat generated by spark discharge causes the skin heating up. The discharge mechanism of direct current has a great influence on the small part of the skin compared with the discharge formed by the alternating current discharge. It is very valuable, and the DC discharge will not be damage surrounding tissue.

• Discharge is the formation of an electrically conductive connection between the tip of the device and the skin of the patient, the tip being at a distance of 4 mm from the skin. The treatment area can be seen, where air containing free electrons at the discharge point absorbs a large amount of energy, causing air to penetrate, which stops acting as an insulator and begins to direct current (electric shock). The air is ionized and becomes a plasma.

· Uses plasma to stimulate cell regeneration, which can achieve anti-aging, enhance skin absorption, antibacterial cleansing, effective whitening and brightening, improve fine lines, increase skin elasticity, enhance facial contours and remove scars.

The fuction of ozone

Ozone acts on the cell membrane of bacteria, causing damage to the membrane components, destroying poproteins and lipopolysaccharides in the membrane, changing cell lysis and death, thereby killing bacterial fungi and aphids in a very short period of time, and inhibiting inflammation, and the effect of acne is obvious. , ozone is reduced to oxygen after sterilization,There is no residue or secondary pollution, which is unachievable by any chemical system

Main effect of ozone

Improve the absorption rate of active ingredients of skin care products and improve the effect of unctional cosmetics

Bactericidal and anti-inflammatory, effectively remove the deep acne bacteria in the skin, acne marks, hemorrhoids, acne and other effects, and prevent recurrence.

Accelerate skin metabolism, promote collagen regeneration, and alleviate skin aging.

Relieve skin itching caused by allergies and dryness.

Inhibits melanin, brightens skin tone. delicate skin texture and shrinks pores


1.Unlike lasers and light sources, plasma has no specific chromophore and can be used on all parts of the body.

2. The energy produced by the plasma is generated by a small electric current, which is used to treat the drooping part so that it can contract

as quickly as possible.

3. Histological principles use high plasma energy to instantly heal the nipple wound to produce collagen, allowing the skin to regenerate. As new collagen is produced, the skin becomes more elastic.

4.No pain, no scarring, no bleeding, no wounds, non-invasive operation, more convenient operation, safer and more effective.

5.Plasma ozone meter can be used in all parts.The plasma has no wounds on the epidermis after operation.Plasma regeneration after plasma ozone operation.New collagen produced on the dermis after plasma ozone operation.

6.Skin elasticity after plasma ozone operation is improved due to new collagen production


1. Efficient penetration,enhance skin absorption

2. Improve skin elasticity and anti-aging

3. Acne Treatment

4. Antibacterial cleansing ,anti-inflammatory

5. Enhance facial contours

6. Pigment removal,effective skin whitening and brightening

7.Stimulate cell regeneration

8.Face lift/eyelid lift,improve neck line,fine lines and wrinkles

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