Dr. Meso Skin Rejuvenation Meso Mesotherapy Injection Gun

Working Principle

RF mesogun uses the israeli 4MHZ dual-core RF module technology,the microscopical probe and the machine body can seperate into 2 parts and definitely insulated.Combining the two  RF module of the probe,it can consistently maintain the RF out put of the  biopolar module.Combining the meso products and the hollow needle operating at the same time when the noncrystalline touch the skin, the RF intensity can produce 40-60℃ on skin surface and the temperature can be adjusted, the consequence is that it open up the skin pores quickly and the essence quickly into the skin cell, makes the skin tighten in high temperature condition.It impels the collagen under skin layer reborn and produce nutrients again which tightening up to skin.We called it multipoint focused-RF treatment therapy.The unique feature of this machine is that it combines RF heat,hollow needle and photon 3 functions in to a body. Matching with the meso products, it is the best choice for leading-in.

Product Functions

  • Moisturizing: Supplementing moisture to skin deep, so that the skin becomes moist, always keep shiny translucent, moisturizing effect lasting
  • Water and oil balance: Keep skin in good condition
  • Tighten and repair: The growth factor and other vitamins are transported to the dermis, to promote the re-activation of fibroblast, make the skin full of flexibility
  • Brighten your skin : The whitening factor, antioxidant substances are transported to the dermis, repair damaged skin cells, once again make the skin becomes delicate, soft white luster
  • Remove wrinkles : Inject the hyaluronic acid and growth factors into the dermis layer of the skin, effectively improve the skin, enhance facial skin, shaping a good curve
  • Shrink pores:  improve the rough skin


RF + Phototherapy + Microcrystalline 3 in 1 Better absorption, Radiofrequency can tighten the skin, phototherapy can improve the skin rejuvenation. on-invasive and painless operation . making skin smooth and elastic after use .

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