Face/ Body Hair Removal/ Beard Removal Beauty Machine

Working Principle:

The diode laser device uses a wavelength of 808nm, which has special effectiveness for melanocytes of hair follicle without any damage to the surrounding tissues. The laser can be absorbed by melanocytes of hair shaft and hair follicles and converted into heat to increase the temperature of hair follicle. When the temperature rises to certain level that can irreversibly destroy the structure of hair follicle, the hair follicle structure will disappear after a natural physiological process of the hair follicle, thereby achieving the purpose for removing hair permanently.


1. Fast

The repetition rate from 1HZ to10HZ 1-10pulses per second(adjustable) with mutiple spot sizes: 10*10mm,15*15mm, 15*20mm, 20x25mm, 25x31mm

Our diode laser hair removal use the "IN-Motion" intelligent mode to bring the fastest treatment speed to 10 shots per second. It's fast especially for body hair removal. Diode laser hair removal system also adopts Thermo-electric cooling (TEC) and real sapphire, which get amazing contact cooling. It is really pain-free laser machine. You will get most comfortable treatment.

2. Effective

Steady energy is achived by:a. German micro-channel/non-channel laser bars, super energy, permanent hair removal

b. Water filter; Copper radiator; High speed DC pump made inItaly; TEC cooling system for best cooling system.

3. Painless, No down time

3-4 times per cycle to permanently removal hair.

Suitable for 6 skin type and any parts of body

High power and high energy, short treatment time(about 20minutes for arm), shorten the course of treatment.

4. Easy Operation

We are using TEC cooling system for water tanks and TEC for sapphire in hand piece , so you can get 24 hour working with machine.

Auto intelligent mode design for users with different presets for different patients, so that safety and efficiency isn’t compromised.

Why choose 808 hair removal diode laser machine?

The 808 freezing point is based on the selective photothermodynamic principle. By properly adjusting the laser wavelength, energy and pulse width, the light energy can pass through the skin surface to the root hair follicle of the hair, which is absorbed and transformed into thermal energy that destroys the hair follicle tissue, thereby making the hair Loss of regenerative capacity. The ultra-fast freezing point hair removal system uses a unique cryoprotection to cool the local epidermis to 5 degrees Celsius, as in the summer, when the icy snow flakes, it feels cool; overcomes the side effects of early hair removal cold touch light, and Defects in epidermal damage, cumbersome equipment, and complicated operation. At the same time, it does not damage the surrounding tissue, and it is painless. It is a safe, fast and long-lasting hair removal technolog.


1. Facial hair removal

2. Chin & lip hair removal

3. Beard removal

4. Armpit hair removal

5. Arm hair removal

6. Leg hair removal

7. Chest hair removal

8. Bikini hair removal

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