Compared with opt, what are the advantages of 808 laser hair removal

Hair removal is a relatively common problem in beauty. I think most women have experienced the problems caused by “hands and feet”. Especially in the summer, everyone should have a stronger desire to do their own hair management. Before hair removal, everyone must understand the “basic knowledge” of hair removal in order to choose the safest, most comfortable, long lasting, and best hair removal program.

Salon use high quality 808nm diode laser machine

At present, the hair removal method in the medical and cosmetic field is basically laser hair removal. The laser hair removal technology is quite mature and highly recognized by the widely accepted surgeons. Laser hair removal equipment on the market basically has two major categories of OPT and 808 semiconductor laser hair removal devices. Compared to OPT hair removal, the 808 Semiconductor Laser Hair Removal System is specifically designed for hair removal devices. The treatment is more specific and the effect is more perfect!

Why 808 semiconductor laser hair removal is the most professional hair removal device. First of all, we understand the anatomical structure of hair follicles and the growth mechanism of hair. The anatomical structure of hair is shown in the figure below. Hair growth is divided into growth period, anaphase and rest period.

In the growing period, the hair grows actively, the melanocyte is plentiful, and the melanin content reaches a peak; in the retrograde period, the hair growth is stationary, the number of capillaries is reduced, the papillary hair is atrophic, and the melanin cells stop producing melanin; in the rest period, the hair matrix is ​​separated from the papilla, the hair Fall off.

The principle of laser hair removal is to use the selective absorption of light by melanin to heat the hair follicle to above 75 degrees Celsius, so that the hair follicle loses its activity, thus achieving the effect of permanent hair removal. The melanin content of the hair follicles in the growing period reaches a peak, so only the hair in the growing period can achieve the desired therapeutic effect with each irradiation.

We can see from the absorption curve of melanin light that light with a wavelength of 808 nm preferentially heats melanin. It is rarely disturbed by other substances and the effective penetration depth is absorbed by melanin to the greatest degree.

Therefore, when laser hair removal is performed with a laser of 808 nm wavelength, the laser light can be precisely absorbed by the target tissue (hair papilla) and the surrounding tissue is hardly affected. So in terms of wavelength selection, the 808 semiconductor laser is the best choice.

The 808 Semiconductor Laser Hair Removal System perfectly achieves the optimal combination of hair removal in all aspects of technical control. First of all, the sapphire contact cooling technology on the treatment head is well protected from the epidermis, and makes it possible to transmit high-energy-density lasers to the dermal papilla; secondly, a suitably adjustable pulse duration (pulse width) Ensuring adequate thermal coagulation of the target tissue and the surrounding tissue is almost unaffected. Third, the right amount of energy density ensures that sufficient energy output is provided in a suitable time to damage the target tissue while normal tissues are hardly affected.

The largest and most important difference between hair removal using the OPT device and hair removal using the 808 semiconductor laser is the difference in the single wavelength of the absorbed light. The OPT device outputs intense pulsed light. Its wavelength is not single but sensitive to melanin. One band of light; while the 808 semiconductor laser emits a single wavelength (wavelength of 808nm) laser, its selective absorption of melanin is more significant, the treatment is more accurate, the better the effect.

808 semiconductor laser is equivalent to an expert in hair removal equipment! Therefore, choose 808 semiconductor laser equipment for hair removal more professional!

808 semiconductor hair removal advantages

01.Non-invasive, non-invasive.

The penetration of the 808 semiconductor laser can directly penetrate the skin and reach the deep hair follicle tissue. The selective photothermal effect can destroy the hair follicle without damaging other tissues, thus greatly improving the safety of the treatment.

02.Safe and comfortable, low discomfort.

The 808 semiconductor laser uses a semiconductor laser of 808 nm wavelength, and the melanin absorption rate in the hair follicle is high. And the 808 ultra-short pulse can reduce the pain during treatment and has a sapphire cutting-edge cooling system, which greatly improves the comfort during treatment.

03.Medical permanent epilation, once and for all.

The 808 semiconductor laser can destroy the melanin in the hair follicles, blocking the possibility of re-growth of the hairs. After the treatment is over, it can achieve the effect of permanent medical hair removal, once and for all, avoiding repeated hair removal problems.

04.Has a certain skin rejuvenation effect.

The photothermal effect of semiconductor lasers can also stimulate skin collagen production to a certain extent while hair removal, and improve the skin condition to achieve the effect of whitening skin and shrinking pores.

05.The effect is obvious for fine hairs.

808 semiconductor laser hair removal can also be used to treat small hairs, thus making up for the disadvantages of intense pulsed light hair removal.

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