New Arrival HI-EMT Body Shaping Instrument Fast Slimming Weight Loss Machine

HI-EMT System

Mode of action

The generated electromagnetic field penetrates the deep muscles of the abdomen and buttocks without injuring the skin.

The muscles are stimulated to contract about 20,000 times in half an hour. And as strong as it is only possible for a short time only through strong exertion. One speaks here of a supramaximal muscle stimulation. This cannot be achieved even by very intensive athletic training, since muscle fibers relax during normal movement between the individual nerve impulses.

Our brain is unable to send another pulse while the previous one is still in action. HIFEM technology circumvents this by generating high-frequency impulses that do not allow the muscle to relax. It's like doing 20,000 sit-ups or squats in half an hour. This enormously increased muscle activity leads to the fact that the body forms new muscle fibers and myofibrils, the "components" of the fibers. Studies have shown that after four treatments with an interval of two to three days, an average muscle gain of about 16% was achieved.

HIFEM technology can also reduce the “bacon layer” on the belly, where, in contrast to the buttocks, a breakdown of fatty tissue is usually also desired. The supramaximal muscle activity consumes very quickly and a lot of energy. Adrenaline is released more, which signals the body to provide even more energy. The fat cells in the treatment zone react and release more fatty acids.

However, not all fat cells can withstand this sudden excess of fatty acids, so some die. Studies have shown that the HIFEM technology can reduce fat on the stomach by an average of around 19%.



HIFEM (High Intensity Focused Electro-Magnetic Technology)


Building muscle

Fat loss

Diastasis recti

Treatment areas


Rear thigh

Front thigh


Upper arms



Pregnancy / lactation


Metallic parts in the treatment area (internal / external)

Implanted neurostimulators or defibrillators

Drug pumps

Pulmonary insufficiency


Heart disease

Malignant tumors


Latex allergies

Anticoagulation therapy

Scar healing in the treatment area

Do not eat or drink a lot of food at least 60 minutes before the abdominal treatment


Q. Who is the HI-EMT application for?

A. For practically everyone who can do sports.

Q. How does it feel? Does it hurt?

A. The electromagnetic field “shakes” muscles in depth, which is felt as vibration.

Q. Are there any downtimes after use?

A. No, no downtime.

Q. How long does an application take?

A. 30 minutes per session.

Q. When do I see the first results?

A. For an optimal effect, 4-6 sessions at intervals of two to three days are recommended.

Q. What side effects are possible?

A. Due to the maximum impact on the muscle, a slight muscle soreness is possible one or two days after a treatme.

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