360 magneto optical hair removal machine

Application for 3 handles:

360 magneto -optic SHR

1. Therapy acne

2. Reduction of vascular lesions

3. Reduction of pigmented lesions

4. Skin rejuvenation

5. Permanent hair removal

6. Wrinkle removal


1. Skin lifting, tightening, and whitening

2. New collagen stimulation and production

3. Removes fine lines and wrinkles

4. Facial remodeling and body contouring

5. Visibly minimize pores

6. Circumference and cellulite reduction

7. Body Shaping areas: abdomen, buttocks, thighs, neck, upper arms.

Picosecond Laser

1. 1064nm Wavelength: Remove black and dark blue tattoo pigments, such as tattoos, eyebrows, dark color around the eyes, freckle, age spot etc.

2. 532nm Wavelength: Remove red and brown tattoos and red mark.

3. Black Doll ( 1320nm ) : Skin Rejuvenation , Skin tightening , Skin Whitening.

4.755nm for large area treament, best effect for Chloasma than other laser

ents removal. There are 3 probes with different wavelength (1064nm,532nm,1320nm)for treating different items.


1.Multi-purpose,functional complementary,widely application,marvelous treatment effect

2.8.0 inch big Color Touch LCD screen,humanized menu, easy operation

3.The shell is made of the ABS environmental material and beautiful design.

4. The cooling temperature -3~2 °C,treatment more comfortable and safe

5. Water level, water flow and water automatic detection greatly increasing machine’s life; expectancy and safety.

6. Long continuous work time, stable function, shot period of treatment.

7. 6 Multilingual languages,anywhere in the world can be easily grasped.

8.With two operation molde,easy mode for new user,professional mode.


1.Skin excrescence such as wart.etc

2.Acne scar removal

3.Winkle removal and skin tightening

4.Skin renewing and resurfacing

5.Smooth scars such as surgical scars,burns,stretch marks.etc

6.Vaginal treatment: vaginal tightening, vaginal anti-aging

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