Body Composition Analyzer & body fat testing and body composition analyzer


Body Composition Analyzer is designed to calculate regional body composition, empowering health care professionals to better determine health risk associated with visceral and abdominal fat.  Body Composition Analyzer bca machine for Body Mass Index BMI

The BS-BCA5 model is based on the latest Segmental Dual Frequenct Bioelectrical Impedance Analysis Method, DSM-BIA, which analyzes human body composition including fat, weight, BMI (Body Mass Index), none-fat and other health indicators through multi-frequency bio-electrical impedance analysis method. It calculates by the built-in high performance computer, and gives out instruction upon the analysis result for testers’ reference as plans to lose weight.

Record customer files

  • record and statistical customer test results;

  • analysis of test data, graphical visual representation health condition;

  • a new diet plan;

  • motion planning;

  • body weight, body expected result;

  • improved compared to the physical condition of the same customer;

The test results of statistical analysis of all customers.


Segmented body composition analysis

Detect BMI, and other healthy data

Emit healthy report and weigth control plan


  • 2 frequencies and 8 points, 6 channels testing

  • Huge healthy samples based on scientific research result

  • Export Impedance of Each Segments & Frequencies

  • Big scale colorful touch screen control panel

  • Generate health report and print out through built-in thermal printer or external ink jet printer

  • The analysis process is simple, fast and safe


Segmental Water, Edema index, Visceral Fat Index, Segmental Edema index

Nutritional Assessment, Body symmetry,Physical Strength, Health Diagnosis

Suggested Weight, Suggested Weight Control,Suggested Fat Control

Suggested Muscle Control,Fitness Score, Obesity Degree, Basal Metabolic Rate (BMR)

Segmental Impedance values at multiple frequencies

individual impedance measurement values

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