Ems sculpt sculpting hiemt muscle machine for body shape YQ
Ems sculpt sculpting hiemt muscle machine for body shape YQ
Ems sculpt sculpting hiemt muscle machine for body shape YQ
Ems sculpt sculpting hiemt muscle machine for body shape YQ
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Ems sculpt sculpting hiemt muscle machine for body shape YQ

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Product Introduction
Product Introduction
HIFEM beauty muscle instrument, which uses the most advanced (HIFEM) high-intensity focused magnetic vibration technology, directly stimulates motor neurons, so that the body's muscles continue to expand and contract(This kind of contraction cannot be achieved by your usual exercise or fit exercise)The energy pulse of 30 minutes treatment can stimulate 30000 strong muscle contractions,which help the fat cells to metabolize and decompose vigorously. At the same time, with muscle strengthening, it brings new technological experience for body shaping.
Product Principle
Product Principle
Slimming Body Must “Build Muscle”
The amount of muscle is directly proportional to consumption.People with more muscles will consume more calories.If you want to develop a lean constitution, you must increase muscles.

Fat Burning

A lot of fat is decomposed, and fatty acids are contained in triglyceric acid .Decompose and flow out, fatty acid concentration is too high, make fat cells apopt-osis and be metabolized outside.

Build Muscle

Penetration depth up to 8cm muscle tissue, inducing continuous expansion and contraction of muscles, increasing muscle density and volume.
Products Advantages
Product Advantage
Dual Handles
The treatment parameters of both handles can be adjusted independently;It can operate two
persons at the same time.
Safe And Non-invasive
Non-current, Non-hyperthermia And non-radiation, And no recovery period.Just Lying down can burn fat and build muscle, and reshape the beauty of lines.
Convenient and simple
It’s simple operation and bandage type.Without the need for a beautician to operate the instrument, Which is convenient
and simple.
Treatment Effect
Treatment Effect
1、Induction Of Adipocyte Apoptosis
• At 8 hours after treatment the apoptosis index increased by 92%. • Microscopic analysis of adipose tissue confirmed that the number of apoptotic cells increased significantly after After 30 minutes of treatment.
2、Loss Fat
• Waist reduction by 4.17cm , Fat reduction by 19%.Rectus Abdominis Repair By 11%. • CT examination showed simultaneous changes in fat and muscle tissue after HIFFM one month treatment.
3、Increase In Muscle
• The average muscle thickness increased by 16%. • The average improvement of rectus abdominis was 11%.
Products Details
Product Detaile
Touch Sreen
Handle Socket
Power Socket
Clinical case
Clinical case
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