hyaluronic acid meso gun
hyaluronic acid meso gun
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Needle Free Shot Mesotherapy Machine

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Needle Free Shot Mesotherapy Machine

hyaluronic acid meso gun

Needle-free injection gun is applied by needle injection hydraulic technology. Through the principle of rocket injection, using 6.5BAR air pressure, blasting into small molecules of rice class, the airflow will be directly sent to the skin layer through the natural channel of the skin at a speed of 220 meters per second. The skin is comfortable and painless, achieving a timely and remarkable cosmetic effect, avoiding the pain caused by the injection of the injection and the absorption rate of the trients that are swollen through the handle to the subcutaneous is 1000 times more than the ordinary application!


Product Name

Needle free shot mesotherapy gun

Maximum power






Standby power


Ambient temperature

-5℃ ~ 50℃

Relative humidity

20% - 90%


1-5 level

Packing size


Gross weight



hyaluronic acid meso gun


Moisturizing and hydrating

The non-invasive spray gun injects a high-end plastic product to the skin deeply, replenishes moisture to the skin, keeps the skin radiant and translucent, and fixes the skin in a youthful state. The moisturizing effect lasts for a long time, making the skin hydrated and lustrous.

Skin rejuvenation

The beauty factor and antioxidants are transported to the inner layer of the skin to repair damaged cells and make the skin smooth and soft. Improve eye wrinkles, dark circles, scars and stretch marks, smooth skin, simple spots and more.

Skin repairing and tightening

Delivers a variety of vitamins such as growth factors and stem cells to the cortex, causing the fibroblasts to reactivate, repair and tighten the skin.

Wrinkle removal and anti-aging

Injecting the conformation of hyaluronic acid and growth factor into the skin cortex can quickly and effectively dilute static wrinkles, and at the same time effectively reduce dynamic wrinkles and stretch marks, fine lines and loose aging skin, and reverse youth. Strongly enhances the facial skin and creates a beautiful curve.

Acne and scars repair  and anti-hair loss

It calms the acne scars and cares for the hair with effectively transport nutrients.

hyaluronic acid meso gun

hyaluronic acid meso gun

hyaluronic acid meso gun

hyaluronic acid meso gun

hyaluronic acid meso gun

hyaluronic acid meso gun

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