Cryo lipo laser cavitation slimming machine - SANWEI BEAUTY EQUIPMENT
Cryo lipo laser cavitation slimming machine - SANWEI BEAUTY EQUIPMENT
Cryo lipo laser cavitation slimming machine - SANWEI BEAUTY EQUIPMENT
Cryo lipo laser cavitation slimming machine - SANWEI BEAUTY EQUIPMENT
Cryo lipo laser cavitation slimming machine - SANWEI BEAUTY EQUIPMENT
Cryo lipo laser cavitation slimming machine - SANWEI BEAUTY EQUIPMENT
Cryo lipo laser cavitation slimming machine - SANWEI BEAUTY EQUIPMENT
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Cryo lipo laser cavitation slimming machine

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Cryo lipo laser cavitation slimming machine 


Operation Handle cryolipolysis handle for body multipolar rf handle for face and body skin tightening 40K cavitatation handle for body

4.4 big pads and 2 small pads lipo laser for body fat reduction


Fast Fat Freezing Liposuction Cavitation RF Lipo Laser Machine 4in1 is a perfect body sculptor. multifunctional,economic and efficient.
Summarize & Theory: 

Cryolipolysis rf cavitation lipo laser vacuum multifunction synergistically combines the latest techniques and effective for the treatment of the main factors responsible for cellulite and localized fat
Which Body Region Full Body



Cryolipolysis, Phototherapy, Multi-polar RF, Cavitation, Lipo laser

Treatment Adiposity, General adiposity, Cellulite, Muscle contractures, Corporal, Body Contouring, Fluid retention/ tired legs/ drain 


Working Theory

Lingmei Fast Fat Freezing Liposuction Cavitation RF Lipo Laser Machine:

Use of fatty acid and glycerol in three specific will be transformed into the characteristics of solid at low temperatures, transmitted through non-invasive transmitter wave to specify precise control at low temperature melting fat parts for and eliminate fat cells. After the fat cells in the cold, will start the natural decomposition of the purge process, fat becomes thin. Through normal metabolic processes, the fat layer gradually reduced, reach the purpose of partial melting fat.

Use strong acoustic frequency hair gather injection of 40000HZ strong waves, speed vibration fat cells, fat cells and produce countless, puissant hit air is adipose cell, make fat cells that produce introverted blasting triglycerides decomposed into glycerol and fatty acids, free from rf frequency reaches 0.5 MHZ, deep treatment of skin, heated to supply oxygen and nutrients, strengthen cell function, improve the blood and lymph circulation, active metabolism, eliminate and soften the honeycomb, weight loss, and achieve organizational goal.


RF takes that epidermis balances normal temperature, RF electric wave produce sheat into deep skin as 

nuclear technique, based on assurement of skin comfortable,harmless, it uses RF electric wave to produce 

heat exchange, precisely attains skin deep, stimulates inner ion of body, colloid granule with electricity will 

be forced rapid movement, vibration or attrition, then produce heat energy. At same time, under effect

 of polarized molecule resonance, it heats collagen tissue of dermis layer. When deep collagen tissue is 

heated up to 45°C-60C, it will naturally produce instant shrinking,stimulate to excrete much new collagen 

to make up interspace of the shrinking or lost collagen protein, and make them rearray, rebuilt skin soft 

bracket, finally get tight skin, remove wrinkle, recover skin elasticity and luster.


Product show

4in1 Lingmei Fast Fat Freezing Liposuction Cavitation RF Lipo Laser Machine:

The products mainly include the host, accessories (40K powerful sonic blast fat head, 5Mhz RF head, frozen fat head,650nm lipo laser pads)

we can also customize the different handles or host appearance according to cusotmers' requirements including portable double cryo handles,rf,cavitation,lipo laser combination.

Equipment structure

Cryolipolysis suction head output: connection freezing fat head.

40K focus on high acoustic output: connection 40K focus strong acoustic head.

5Mhz multipolar RF output: connect five radio head


Handle picture

Beautytsl Fast Fat Freezing Liposuction Cavitation RF Lipo Laser Machine:


1.cryolipolysis handle

Put the freezing film on the treatment area.

Adsorption treatment of head in the treatment position,

first open the start key on the Control Panel, and then open the start of negative pressure on the handle,

Negative-pressure heads into a working state,

to set good working time (15 minutes),

choosing the required strength,

Strength is subject to customers under.

Click on the "start" key to enter the State.

Hit the fat layer deep inhalation in the treatment of head.

Remove the treatment, treatment of silt parts appear red.

Zero intensity, operation is complete. mulitipolar rf handle

High frequency radio frequency can rapidly improve local blood circulation, cause disintegration of fatty acids and metabolism of fat cells, so as to achieve the effect of fat dissolution and weight loss. Use the probe to massage the specific part of skin circularly after applying the gel or sliming products for about 20 or 30 minutes.


Mainly for face lifting,wrinkle removal,skin tightening ,skin rejuvenation,anti-aging,fat reduction 40k cavitation handle

Vacuum Strong sound wave fat system works effectively promote metabolism of body tissue, drive off cellulite, firm skin and improve skin elasticity with lasting effects. In addition, it will increase muscle flexibility and promote cell metabolism. 


4.lipo laser pad

Laser for fat reduction, use the 650nm soft laser to destroy the deep fat cells, broke the cell membrane, change the fat to triglyceride, then leave out the body thanks to metabolism.

The laser heat can stimulate the subcutaneous dermal tissue collagen and elastic fibers hyperplasia, make the treated area skin tighten and elasticity.


Technical parameter of lipo laser machine:

Screen:8\" TFT color touch screen on main machine
Rated input voltage:AC220V-240V 50HZ /AC110V-120V 60Hz
Rated input power:800VA
Cool Lipolysis Vacuum
Power:Up to 200W
Cooling device output temperature:-10~ 10°C
Cooling device output pressure :0-5Kpa
Cooling liquid: pure water
Cavitation frequency : 40KHz
Cavitation Power:up to 60W
Cavitation tip:60mm diameter
RF for body
RF frequency:5MHz
RF power:up to 150W
RF type:six polar with 100mw diode laser
RF tip:65mm diameter
Lipolysis laser:635nm
Lipolysis power/Each diode:100mw
Laser Pads:6 with 4 Large(9 Diode/Pad)+2 Small(3 Diode/Pad)
Total Lipolysis power:4200mw diode laser. 


Packaging & Shipping

 Sanwei hot selling weigh loss machine portable slimming machine for salon and home use

Our Services




12 month for host machine, Lifelong Maintenance Service


2. Once the machine have any malfunction during the operation, how to do?


Please rest assure if you met such problem, because KES has a professional after-sale service team which can reach you immediately and solve the machine’s problem within 1-3 days.


3.If the machines broken during the shipment, how to do?


Generally there will be transportation insurance in the shipment, once there is any damage during the transportation, KES will help you to solve the claims with the insurance companies to collect your money back in time.


Company Information


Over this year manufacturer -SANWEI can always keep you ahead of beauty device in this filed, SANWEI has it’s own research&planing department, sales and after sales department ,can offer the professional technology support at the first time. We are one of the most loading&reliable manufacturers in China, we have a professional team integrating with options, machinery and electricity, that keep us ahead of this filed. With the customer business philosophy and the purpose science and technology first, ensure high quality and cost effective products for customers, which makes us gain lots of customer over the word, SANWEI company working hard at all the times, is to become a famous international OEM/ODM manufacturer aesthetic&beauty equipment in the word.Sanwei hot selling weigh loss machine portable slimming machine for salon and home useSanwei hot selling weigh loss machine portable slimming machine for salon and home use



1. What is the Payment Terms?

Re: T/T Paypal Western Union

2. How do you delivery the machine?

Re: By door to door service, say DHL,UPS,TNT,FEDEX,etc ,Or air cargo

3. What about the delivery?

Re: About 14 working days.

4. What’s your warranty?

Re: 12 months for host machine.

5. Do you offer clinical training?

Re: Yes .Welcome to our company for free and professional training. Or we can send you video, if you have any understanding you can tell us we will tell you how to do it.

6. Do you offer OEM/ODM service?

Re: Yes .Welcome to contact us for more details.

7. You are factory or trade company ?

Re: We are factory.

8. What is this minimum order quantity?

Re: One set.

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